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Houston Cable Installers

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About the contractor

James has been running his own cable installing service company for 8 years. James began his career in 2010, working for Bill Standard. "I decided to leave Bill to be involved in an entrepreneurial company; I also wanted to get into an industry that had growth potential, so I chose cabling," says James, a registered communications distribution designer (rcdd) who, in 2012, went to work for a cable-assemblies manufacturer. James started a research and development division at the company, which installed cabling in buildings. When James discovered that the division was the only profitable section of the company, he decided to start up a company of his own.

Company Address

James Henderson
Houston Cable Installers
17018 Main Street
Houston, TX 77095
United States


Candidates able to not only hook up televisions, computers, and home theaters with ease, but keep all cables and cords well-organized, too, have a bright future ahead of them. James is a hard-working and knowledgeable cable installer to provide customers with cable, internet and home entertainment. Lend James mount a flat screen TV, arrange and hide cables and set up home theater/entertainment systems. As a valued cable installers, you’ll enjoy steady cable and internet. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Setup internet and cable in customers’ homes and offices, making sure you test and troubleshoot equipment and connections and explain services before leaving the premises.
  • String and pull up cables between poles and underground as necessary to provide the strongest signal in the best position.
  • Drive to customer locations, making sure you arrive on time for scheduled appointments and call the customer to let her or him know you’re on the way and to check that they’re onsite.
  • Utilize test equipment to ensure signal strength and connection.
  • Process work orders before heading out, making sure you have all necessary equipment and tools.
  • Review work orders and work performed before leaving worksite, making sure you answer all customer questions.
  • Clean and maintain the interior and exterior of company vehicles, communicating faulty vehicle performance or vehicle damage and documenting work orders.
  • Follow all driving and safety laws at all times to maintain company safety standards.
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